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These are group of Google Scripts to assist with Video SEO by converting files and creating files with spun content.
Just click the link then click File then Make a Copy
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Duplicator with Spin
This script will Copy a Doc and add image, link and spun content. Just click this link then click File then Make a Copy. You just use the sheet to paste your spun content, set the folder of the files you want to copy, then the name for the resulting files(we add a 4 digit random number at the end), and then your Link. You will need to have a folder named 'Images 'with your images in and the aspect ratio needs to be 1280x720.
HTML to Markup
This script is designed to take a HTML file and put in into markup format so you can paste it into a PasteBin account. When You upload the HTML files you need to have your settings set to 'Convert uploads' so Google can recognize them.
Document Silo
This script will silo all google documents in a specific folder.
Create Slideshow
Create a Google Slide presentation with link, image, youtube video, and text content.
Content Creator
Create a Google Slide presentation,Google Doc, and Google Spreadsheet with link, image, youtube video, and text content.
Turn Text URLs into Links
If you have a folder full of docs with text urls that should be links this is the tool for you.
YouTube Playlist Creator
Create a YouTube Playlist with your own videos and results from YouTube search.
List Files In Drive
This Script will create a Google Document with a link to every file in your Drive.

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