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Talking Heads® is a company that specializes in creating custom video presentations used by companies around the world in promoting their products and services. Whether it is a custom video, sales video, or even a Kickstarter video presentation, we can do it for you, at a competitive price!

How can we help?

How much time does an average person spend in the case of browsing a website? One minute no more. Attention spans are shorter these days, and a potential client’s patience can run thin of they can’t find what they are seeking quickly. That minute will be your window of chance to capture their attention and make sure they are stay for longer.

No ordinary sales pitch would do that, however. Our power team at talking heads, capitalize on constructing visual representations for different offerings. We know what keeps people watching and what’s going keep their curiosity just enough to have the point across. The custom video pieces that individuals make are useful at this—watch this, share it, discuss it! Our goal is to help you get noticed.

What can Talking Heads® do for you?

We offer a good amount of custom videos so choosing the right one might be difficult and frustrating. So here’s a simple rundown of your custom videos:

Sales Video
In our sales videos, we use tried-and-tested techniques to promote your product or service. For example, simply reading about how great the snacks you’re selling can only manage this step much—in fact, most people wouldn’t even give it an alternate look. But, if you happen to put visuals within the mix, then they’ll see the correct way good the cookies and grow more interested. Small to medium sized detail, but it makes many of the difference when it comes to being able to provide a product or even not.
Website Video Presentation
Looking for a unique approach in the case of delivering the information you have written on your blog? Consider the instant rule—not everyone might read line after line of text. For this, we can provide you high-quality, and professionally produced Website videos. These can serve like your formal guide, like a virtual shaking of the hand or hi there.
Website Spokesperson
You have a service and you really need people to listen to what it can perform. A website spokesperson is bound to get their attention. More than simply visuals, these categories of videos are geared towards eliminating provide more information about your brand and enable it to be seem as any time they’re directly speaking to the person looking at your page. As being similar to a commercial, anticipate more personal. Just give us the important points and we’ll handle the internet video spokesperson.
Kickstarter Video
We assume that creativity is meant to be nurtured (and funded). Our Kickstarter videos will help you in regards to convincing generous donors to invest in a project you’re excited about. Sure, a written notification can accomplish exactly the same thing, but a video should make it more personal—the endeavor counts here. You’ll be capable to really show them what your project is about; the better they understand, the more people will donate.

Using custom made video packages, you can transform your site and social media channels accounts from text-filled pages to high-definition videos, all at a good competitive price. Reply today for a free quote!

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