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What is an Explainer Video?

The best ways to think of an explainer video is this is your elevator pitch to simply define your services or products and what makes it great. The idea from the “elevator pitch” is actually that you are able to able to deliver the summary in the time span connected with an elevator ride, or

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Pros and Cons of a Website Spokesperson

Searching for a new tactic to bring life to the website along with generate a lot more interest from those who visit? These times, the trend for a few is to incorporate videos—but not just for any video. We’re having a debate about having a genuine Website Spokesperson that will directly share your principles to

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Custom Videos

Talking Heads® is a company that specializes in creating custom video presentations used by companies around the world in promoting their products and services. Whether it is a custom video, sales video, or even a Kickstarter video presentation, we can do it for you, at a competitive price! How can we help? How much time

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