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Rich Media Content with Whiteboard Videos

Engaging rich media content must strike the best balance in between helpful and interesting. Video publishing offers an outstanding alternative to many textual types of web material. It showcases data through an interesting medium.

One format, Whiteboard video, offers audiences a concise and revitalizing take a look at what your business has to use.

What are Whiteboard Videos?

They involve images being drawn on a blank area resembling a whiteboard. Often accompanied by narration that explains the concepts as they are drawn. Enabling viewers to comprehend and learn intricate ideas in an easy-to-understand manner.

Whiteboard-style videos first came into vogue in the late-2000s. They continue to be popular on DIY and educational channels. Today, they are one of the most recognized kinds of explainer videos. They remain a popular option for website video production. These videos have become a popular method of sharing information with audiences.


Whiteboard videos are more appealing than regular text content by using “program, do not inform.” Charts and illustrations frequently help convey ideas better than text. The animation of drawing the images on the screen attracts the attention of the viewer. The white background also brings the images into sharp focus.

Whiteboard videos likewise help make complex ideas simpler to understand based on discussion. They prevent sensory overload by explaining crucial ideas one at a time. They are concise and short. This assists the audience to understand principles before applying them somewhere else.

Rich Media with Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Voiceover and Text

Like all good Rich Media, Whiteboard Animation is a multi-sensory experience. Utilizing a mix of audio and visual mediums to convey the message. The majority of videos combine narration with graphics. An interesting storyteller can frequently be enough to make a video stick out. Voiceovers are essential to explain things in detail. Including the option for closed captions can assist make the video more accessible.

Text-only videos have become popular with increasing mobile social networks engagement. They count on familiarity and are best for more educated audiences.

Production Alternatives

Whiteboard Sketch Video production utilizes one of two methods. Producing Whiteboard Videos in the early days involved filming artists as they drew on a whiteboard or piece of paper. They then sped it up in post-production. This is a complicated task. It requires artful camera work, mindful storyboarding, and highlighting abilities.

Utilizing a program created to generate Whiteboard Video may seem like a good choice. You can create Whiteboard Animation videos from pre-set templates with little technical skill. The primary drawback of this method is the tedious quality of the resulting videos. Fonts and stock images utilized lack the details of real handwriting and drawings.

Few people have the time and competence to develop Whiteboard Sketch animation videos. In these cases, looking for a dedicated online video production company is the answer.

Rich Media Content with Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard video makes great Rich Media content. They make intricate concepts easy to understand. A great Whiteboard Animation video is a multi-sensory experience. There are two basic techniques. People can develop Whiteboard Sketch videos from pre-set templates with little technical skill. A professional company will have the time and knowledge to produce Whiteboard videos.

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