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Cartoon Animator 4

Cartoon Animator 4 enables artists, illustrators, cartoonists, and designers to quickly create 2D characters you can stimulate from static images, images, paintings, and even layered Photoshop PSD. The 2D Bone Editor has all the tools to effectively structure sophisticated bone rigs. Users can utilize pins to constrain locations to picked bones and optimize subdivision geography for smoother bending effects. Conserve effort on custom bone-rigging and keyframe animation by providing full facial and body rigged character design templates enabling users to make use of shared bones structures while delighting in a substantial library of cartoon movements.

  • Any image can be a character style source from tin toys to celebrity faces from clay to family pets.
  • Bring your drawings, line art, and comics to life.
  • Reinterpret any image with animation

Include bones to any image and quickly animate. So, no matter if you are using simple or sophisticated structures with the 2D Bone Editor, it can all be rigged well. Line up or Connect the bone and add Pins to constrain the area.

To save effort on custom bone-rigging and keyframe animation, we provide entire sets of facial and body rigged character templates that makes your style instantly suitable with countless expert 2D animation libraries. Design templates consist of Human, Quadruped, Wings, and Spine.

Where to Use Your Cartoons

Social network

Make your own animated stickers with AniGIF export, post your unique style to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Skype, WeChat or Line. Share more fun and engaging social posts.


Add animated avatars and comic results into PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and other presentation software. Emphasize your ideas with infographics to impress your audience.


Create transparent video objects utilizing popVideo Converter. Drag & drop your video things into Cartoon Animator 4, and let your live video stars communicate with cartoon characters by immersing them into an imaginary world.

Export Cartoon Animator Projects to Popular Video Editor

Choose to send Cartoon Animator projects to Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Hitfilm and Motion 5. The animated objects can be separately exported to the video editor from Cartoon Animator to accelerate your last production.

Immerse Your Video Actors into 2D Animations

After converting your chroma-keyed video into a simultaneous popVideo 3 format, quickly drag and drop them into CTA3 to let your real video actors communicate with cartoon characters, scenes, backgrounds, and props.

Export Popular Image & Video Formats

  • Approximately 4K video and image output resolution.
  • Export transparent PNG & animated GIF for Presentation and Web Display
  • Export Image series with alpha-channel (Targa or PNG) for video composite.
  • Export Transparent Video for Mac and 3D compositing.
  • MOV (ProRES 4444) – Mac variation only
  • popVideo3 – PC variation just
  • 3D Stereo Output with Convergence Distance
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